Friday 14 December 2018

#BITC working to develop student leadership and character in local schools in East Grinstead in partnership with #EGBA

"Just imagine if......."

East Grinstead
was the home of the 

'flower capital of Sussex'

in partnership with our potential founder members and inspirational thinkers including:

The Official Opening Ceremony Dignitaries
The Duke of Sussex 
Lord Lieutenant of West Sussex 

Town Mayor

#BITC - the inspirational thinkers
The Princes Trust - 'the believers that youth can do it'
East Grinstead Business Association - the networkers

The Sponsors
BBC Gardeners World & Alan Titchmarsh
Waitrose - the potential sponsors
London Bar and Grill - the risk takers
East Grinstead Book Shop - the visionary
The Retreatery - the brand builders
The Bluebell Railway - the tourist attractors and movers 

Town Council - the shakers
Orchard Nurseries - the town's growers
Doves Barn - the town's growers
East Grinstead in Bloom - the experts
The Tycoon in School Winners 2018  the PJ Foundation Alumni and Experience Directors

The Town Schools
Sackville - the workforce
Imberhorne - the workforce


How difficult would it be to?

Imagine if a student lead, enterprise challenge was available for anyone in any town school to get involved with.

Imagine if a tunnel of flowers from the railway up station approach up the London Road around the old high street and as far as Sackville College.

Imagine if we could beg, borrow and buy flowers from growers and fund it by the benefactors who will make money from the increase in visitors to the town.

Imagine if we staffed it by student volunteers and other volunteers from the town.

Imagine if it was projected managed by Tycoon in School Alumni

Imagine if it was supported by Waitrose, The Town Council, East Grinstead in Bloom

Imagine if it was sponsored by business owners, grants and other initiatives

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