Sunday 9 September 2018

Year 13E Double Business

Good morning Year 13

As you are aware you had TWO tasks to do for you're reading week and induction challenge:

Part 1. Unit 4 Assignment 2 P3 - Powerpoint - research of THREE events before looking at a further TWO events including references for all FIVE events

Part 2. P4 Event proposal form. Demonstrating the reason why you choose  the dodgeball event over any other.  To do this you had to include a paragraph that explained all the different events that were consoderd and how these would work, then state the reason why you chose that final event that you did and finally include a reason why the alternative choices were rejected.  The NEW P3 and P$ needed to be emailed to Mrs Goss before today's lessons.

Prior to the start of Year 13 you should have also completed all THREE research documents fully in your own words and with references and completed the report up to and including Part 10, writing a justified conclusion about which country the target for trade and why based around the SWOT and PESTLE that you have recently completed and compared.  All three research documents and the report should have been emailed over to Mrs Goss before you return to year 13.

Completing Unit 5 Assignment 2
Before we start Unit 6 which is a Controlled Assessment Unit we will need to finish Assignment 2 of Unit 5 which is Task 2 on the task sheet.  We need to complete this quickly.  Slides 27-52 will support this as will the core text if you have managed to secure a copy.

Welcome back and I look forward to supporting you in getting some great results this year
Mr T

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