Friday 7 September 2018

11R GCSE Business - Revision resources from Year 10 Starting a Business

Dear Year 11

based on some of the results from your end of Year 10 assessments I have decided to provide you with some intensive resources to underpin the subject knowledge that is missing.

We also need to catch you up with the exam skills of how to answer questions and teach you the topics for this year.

Think of me as your coach and remember you will need to do the hard work.  All ill ask is that you do your best and take advantage of what I give you regardless of where you want to go after the next 145 school days!

Mr T

Theme 1 Topic 1 Enterprise and Entrepreneurship

What is an Entrepreneur?

What is a business?

Explain one way in which new business ideas can come about.  (3)

Risk v Uncertaintly

Which one of the following is an example of a calculated risk for a business?


Ex. 6
Which two of the following are examples of risks which increase the chance of a new business failing in its first year?

Reasons for starting a business

Explain one factor which might cause a new business idea to come about. (3)

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