Wednesday 12 September 2018

P1 Unit 7 Euroean Destinations

Year 12 reading week challenge
 Unit 7 European Destinations

To PASS P1 you will need to submit four maps to allow you to identify the information in the task one below

Locate all countries, key gateways and key leisure destinations within the European travel market
Task 1 (This provides evidence for P1)
On blank maps of Europe that you will be provided with:
a)     Accurately locate all countries of continental Europe
b)     Research all EU, Schengen and Eurozone countries and create a key to ID all these on your map/ maps.
c)     Locate and code all key gate ways (1 air gateway with IATA code & 1 seaport per country,
PLUS Eurostar termini to UK market) IATA codes are the short international codes that ID the different airports.
d)     Locate two leisure destinations per country from the categories below:
-       Beach resorts
-       Winter sports
-       Countryside
-       Cities
-       Cruise areas
Deadline Wednesday 12th September 2018

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