Thursday 13 September 2018

P2 Unit 7 European Destinations

To complete this P2/M1 challenge you will need to identify EIGHT holidays types from the different locations in the different countries that you have identified on one of your maps in P1.

To do this well you should consider ALL of the following locations when meeting the different MOTIVATIONS of the four customer types:
  • city locations such as Milan, Paris and Athens
  • coastal locations such as Ile du Ray, Benidorm, Magaluf
  • purpose built holiday locations such as LEGOLAND, Disneyland Paris
  • natural locations such as the Alps
  • historical and cultural locations such as Venice, Rome, Berlin, Paris, Athens

You should also consider and talk about  the different types of holidays that meet the needs of these PEN PORTRAITS:
  • Short break holidays are no longer than 3-4 days
  • Single centre holidays are one destination holidays..  Which pen portrait does this satisfy?
  • Twin or multi centre holidays are very different and require your customers to pack up and transfer location.
  • Cruise holidays vary from 3 days to 84 days.  Is there an opportunity to use this type of holiday for one of your pen portraits?
  • Holidays that require you to tour around an area may meet the needs of those active customers or those wanting to visit many cultural or historical locations.  They could be coach holidays or campa van road trips but make sure that these are recommended for the correct motivation. 
So you need to identify TWO holidays from DIFFERENT countries for each of the FOUR customers pen portrait and then recommend your preferred holiday and explain why you think it is the best fit out of the two.  This provides evident for M1.

We have several lessons before then to hit this deadline so shout if you need anything

Mr T

Deadline is 3pm on Wednesday 19th September in the library 

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