Thursday 20 September 2018

Tools for success in business - Break Even Point

Hi Year 12

I have listed below the skills that you need for the different grades that are available.

Learners should for a PASS (C):

  • Be able to define break-even - the point that a business has made enough money through product sales to cover the costs of making the product (no profit and no loss)

  • Be able to interpret (point out or identify) from a break-even chart: the 

  • break even point
  • profit
  • loss
  • variable costs
  • fixed costs
  • total revenue
  • total costs
  • margin of safety
  • Be able to calculate the break-even (formula will be given in the given assessment) using method 1, 2 or both

Todays note pack and activities can be found here

Learners should for a MERIT (B)
Learners should for a DISTINCTION (A)

  • Analyse the effect on the break-even point if sales or (fixed and variable) costs change, and explain the impact of these changes on the business. 
Homework 3 Week 3 

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