Tuesday 10 July 2018

P2 Select holidays in European destinations to meet specific motivations

Dear Year 13

The assignment for P1 & P2 of unit 7 European Destinations can be found here.

A powerpoint to help you identify the different types of holidays and visitor motivations can be found here

A powerpoint of guidelines can be found here

In summary once you have completed all the maps for P1 for P2/M1 you need to firstly familiarise yourself with the four scenarios.

Each scenario requires you to choose two European holiday destinations for each pen portrait customer type - so you need to source and discuss eight holiday resorts in total. 

For each holiday you must provide brief details of the holiday and the destination that you have selected and say WHY / HOW it meets the motivation of each customers pen portrait to achieve M1

The specification for Unit 7 is here

The formal deadline for P1, P2 M1 is 3pm on Wednesday 12th September and a box will be set up in the library. Use next week wisely as we only have five half terms next year and need to be done by Easter which as you know will come around very quickly.

Enjoy, have a great summer and thanks for working hard this year.  Having just totted up your scores I think you will agree that they were most impressive.

Best wishes.

Mr T

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