Tuesday 22 May 2018

Unit 4 P3 - Describe the customer service skills required to meet customer needs in travel and tourism contexts

Dear Year 12 L3

This is your opportunity to consider the skills that you will need before putting them in to practice to secure:
P4 Demonstrate Customer Service Skills in a T&T context.
P5 Demonstrate selling skills in a T&T situation
M2 Deal independently with customers in a T&T situation
M3 Demonstrate effective reselling skills in a T&T situation
D2 Demonstrate good product knowledge, customer service and selling skills to provide a consistently high standard of customer service in three different situations

P3 requires you to create a training document so can I suggest an induction training for new staff leaflet which describes the customer service skills required of staff working in this sector.  You must include likely examples from within the two organisations you have considered already.  A template on the shared drive might help with you setting this out.

You will need to consider the following skills:
  • Skills or qualities - These slides might help you with your introduction when it comes to distinguishing between skills and qualities.  Which can be taught?

  • Communication skills - written, verbal and listening skills as you carry out role plays both face to face and over the phone. Your ability to build RAPPORT quickly will be key here.  It will also be just as important to listen as well as talk especially as the client will be asking you for specific requirements in each role play scenario. Effective listening will also give you the opportunity to develop dialogue and ask questions.  Don't forget to talk about the importance of interpersonal and non - verbal skills such as body language, eye contact, and your ability to notice customers and acknowledge them. Find out how much the customer service experience is improved just by using someone's name?
  • The presentation of yourself is just as important for the role plays as is the importance of the working environment. Why do companies put their staff in uniforms and badge them up? Why are travel agents clutter free and welcoming ?

  • Teamwork should also be considered in P3.  Why do businesses have teams of people to look after customers?  Why do they also restrict decision making and the authority to give discounts through lines of authority? DO's and Don'ts of Teamwork or here
  • Business skills are those skills that will be taught to you by the specific employer.  The need to complete documentation, when ordering tickets and taking enquiries.  The use of it to send emails to clients will also be tested in P4/  This will need to be of a business standard that means it will be accurate, legible and grammatically correct.

  • Complaint handling should also be discussed.  Do some research to see how complaints can build loyal customers if handled well.  You will be dealing with a complaint in P4 and that requires different skills including your ability to listen and find out what the complaint is all about and that you understand the problem, empathy to show that you really care.  You will also need to demonstrate that you can take control of the situation so that it doesn't get worse as well as agreeing a solution and following up to confirm you have done what you said that you would do. One of the role plays will see you dealing with a complaint!

  • Selling skills will be tested in P5.  Again giving people the information they need to build the rapport and establish what the customer needs and expectations are is key to selling them the dream so explain why.  Your product knowledge will be key to your success here and your ability to ell the features and benefits of each holiday will see you shine.  You will also need to overcome some objections so explain why and most of all you will need to close the sale.  How will you do this?  Why is it so important to do it straight away? 
P3 needs to be completes by 12th June when we hand out the role play scenarios and booking brochures

Good luck and keep that batting average up

Mr T

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