Friday 18 May 2018

Unit 14 P7 - Create a website independently, with a maximum of eight interlinked pages and a minimum of four.

Dear Year 12

This is your penultimate challenge on this Unit.

P7 is you actually building the website without the help or support of anyone else.

Can I suggest that you use one of the appropriate software tools below:

  1. Dreamweaver - Use the L2 Cambridge National In ICT resources that can be found on the school network: start / all programmes/ KS4 / Cambridge National in ICT L2 / Unit R005 / Creating an Interactive Products Using Multi Media Components.  An example of what your finished blog page could look like is here
  2. WIX.COM  
This is an assignment that will really test your independent skills but will also be a great piece of work to talk about in an interview for a job, college place or apprenticeship.

Remember this website needs to meet the needs of a selected business.

Is it to provide information and advice or is it to promote new and existing products or services.

Make sure that you start with this brief clearly in your mind before you start and stick t6o the plan that you created in P6 so that you can deliver it.

For those of you who are struggling with a client brief use the ones below:

  1. A local individual has set up a new coffee shop in East Grinstead called ‘E.G. Delights’. They need you to set up a new website which will help to promote the business. One of their aims is that the cafĂ© will hopefully host events such as birthday parties. They would like the website to have the basic information such as location, contact details, price lists etc., but also a series of good quality images showing the products and an enquiry form. The owner is keen for the website to be available to mobile users too.
  1. A group of young entrepreneurs has decided to start up a hand car wash service in Crawley Down. They need your help to set up a functional website as the competition in the area is quite tough. They would like the website to have the basic features such as location, contact details etc. but also prices for the different car washing services. On the homepage they would like to see photographs of the up-to-date equipment, a photograph of the team of staff in their uniforms and a ‘synopsis’ of why the business should be the business of choice for local customers. Mobile users must also be able to use the site.
As well as the brief, both sites must contain the following elements:

  • At least four pages with navigation (home page, contact etc.)
  • Photographs
  • At least one video
  • Prices
  • Location
  • Contact details
  • Colour
  • At least two different fonts
  • Working hyperlinks

All best wishes and good luck

Mr T

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