Friday 11 May 2018

P6 from Unit 14

Dear Year 12

Well done to those that submitted their P5 last week.

P6 requires you to plan the design the website with a minimum of 4 pages and a maximum of eight to meet the needs of a clients brief.

1. Can I suggest that we agree and are clear on the clients brief first before you plan out your four pages
  • About us might be one
  • Products and services available could be another
  • Customer recommendations and reviews
  • Contact us.
When designing your website think about the audience that you are creating the website for:

  • What background, style or template will you use to build and support the brand image? 
  • What will the page layout look like?
  • How will you wrap text around images?
  • What background colours will you use and why? 
  • What text will you use and would attract them to read the page for longer?
  • What assets might you add to make it more intrusting e.g. embedded multimedia, digital graphics, video, audio or animation?
  • What forms might you add for any enquiries to be encouraged?
  • How will you allow the customers to navigate between pages and menus both within the website and hyperlinks to other sites and resources?
  • Will you have any interactive aspects such as banners, pop ups, rollover images
  • Will the website be accessible on desktop and mobile devices?
  • Who will host the website? e.g. Go DaddyWhat domain name will you give it?
  • Who will test your website for functionality, quality and usability?
2. Can I then suggest that you decide what software you want to use and get famililar with it. You have a choice here of :
  • Wix
  • Dreamweaver can be used as this is resourced on the network as a key stage four ICT project
  • Blogger which for some who do not have any IT skills may be a preferred choice.
M4 requires you to explain how the plan for the website meets the needs of the selected business.

All best wishes and lets get this done by next Friday 18th May so that we have two weeks to build the web pages.

Mr T

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