Monday 14 May 2018

P2 Unit 4

Dear Year 12

P2 requires you to describe the customer service provision in the same two businesses that we looked at in P1 That is Thomas Cook and Easy Jet but this time you need to consider what the chosen business does to meet the needs of different groups of internal and external customers.  You should consider individuals, groups, business and leisure as a minimum with examples in the following:

For each group you will need to identify the different needs for each segment of the market and consider how each business meets these needs during the pre-sales, selling and after sales process: with the products and services that they offer

  • What products and services do the selected businesses offer each customer type
  • Are the needs stated at time of making the booking and specific to this customer type 
  • Are the needs unstated or expected by all this customer type 
  • Are the needs related to age, gender, socio economic groups, family circumstances or special interests.
The report should include a broad description but must be supported with specific examples from each of the two selected businesses.  You cannot pass P2 without including specific examples to support the points that you make, e.g. Virgin Atlantic customers include business travellers and wealthy leisure travellers in upper class and premium economy and less wealthy travellers are served in economy cabins.  Talking about how the products and services are differentiated to the different types of travellers would be found out from your research.

Who would the Easy Jet Plus Card appeal too ?

For M1 you need to assess how the services provided meets the specific needs of the different types of customers.  You will need to make some judgement on the effectiveness of the provision and how it meets the specific needs of the different customer profiles

For D1 you need to recommend ways in which a selected organisation could better how it meets its specific customer needs.  This could be in the form of changes to products, new procedure's to improve speed and efficiency of service or an enhancement to the company image.

Good luck and do well

Mr T

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