Wednesday 18 April 2018

P1 Part 2 Outline how national factors in the business environment can impact on a start up business.

Dear Year 10

now that we have looked at the local factors we now need to add into our presentation a consideration of the national factors that will impact on our start up business.

National Factors to consider

National factors theory powerpoint
National factors structure guide

This resource might help in considering the NATIONAL FACTORS in greater detail here

Some more political factors to consider here

Don't stop here - aim for that B grade

For those looking to gain a MERIT on this Unit 1 here is your extension challenge for this piece of work:

M1 Explain how changes in the current business environment are likely to impact on a start up business

Top Tips from the Exam Board

"Learner needs to outline how the business environment can impact on a start-up business"

To do this properly you need to do some research and make sure that you include the references for it and you can use this document here and the structure guide here

Where to research and find information:
Sources of information, e.g. broadsheet and local newspapers, professional and trade
journals, websites, business networking organisations

Make sure that the sources you use are reliable and unbiased

This resource here is a summary of what changed in the last budget.  Have a read and identify anything that might impact negatively or be some support when you consider launching your business

Don't forget to include a discussion on the impact of these factors that you identify on your selected group of customers that you intend to target if they are relevant to your business proposition

The deadline for this P1 M1 is Wednesday 26th May 2018

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