Friday 20 April 2018

Unit 14 Business Online - P5 - M3 - D3

Dear Year 12

Now that you have completed P1-P4 we can now tackle P5.

P5 requires you to describe the uses and features of  websites of two contrasting businesses .  Perhaps tow of the websites discussed earlier could be used again as you are familiarly with these..

Why are the websites used ? What range of activities are available through them

Why does the chosen business use a website:
  • To provide information only
  • To allow customers to shop, bank,
  • To present information and advertise events or news items?
  • To archive and store information in the cloud?
  • To allow customers to browse and search for information
  • To collect feedback for monitoring and evaluation purposes
  • To provide efficiency of operations
  • To communicate through social media or video conferencing
  • To share media, video clips, demonstrations or positive customer reviews
  • As a source of education, libraries, online learning
  • To provide interactive features to customers through a login and allow customers e commerce facilities.
  • To allow 24/7 global tr4ading opportunities.
Consider the types and features of business websites

What type of website is it? a collection of related web pages traditionally hosted on a web server for example
  •  a static website coded in hypertext mark-up language (HTML) presenting static information to their audience e.g. a brochure
  • a dynamic website - a collection of webpages that changes or customises itself frequently and automatically triggered by the business or the customer
  • What platform does it operate on and how compatible is it with lots of different devices?
  • What are the construction features, including hyperlinks, registration to login and access content
  • What are the interactive features? does it have email links, registration logins
  • How does it look aesthetically? colours, layout, graphics, video content, animation, audio, text, style
The user experience -

How do the different features of the website improve the user experience for an individual or business:
  • Providing forms that allow customers to leave feedback
  • Using dynamic interaction when communicating with customers online
  • Applying style sheets to keep the same look and feel throughout the website
  • Making the website interactive by embedding digital assets

This then links you to M3 where you will need to compare the uses and features of these two websites in terms of presentation, usability and accessibility.  How user friendly are they? What do they do to attract users to return to the sites in the future.

For D3 you then need to choose one website and evaluate how its features improve the user experience.  For example is the site easy to navigate: Does it offer search options? and does it remember you if you previously made purchases so as to avoid re-entering information such as a delivery address.  You should also consider whether the user interface is attractive and intuitive.

Remember this unit has encouraged you to do sufficient investigation and preparation before you design and build your website for P6.

Deadline date: 3pm on Tuesday 1st May 2018

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