Monday 12 March 2018

Your marketing campaign to launch a new Ice Cream Brand.

Dear Year 12L3

You might have thought it was impossible to launch new ice cream brand when so many big ones exist.

Hagen Daz, Ben & Jerrys, Movenpick are all household names so how can anyone launch new one.  Well In different parts of the country I have lived in people have.

What do you like about Spot Loggins?

How successful is the New Forest Ice Cream Company?

To attempt the mock we have nine lessons before Easter so we are going to try something a little different.  You are going to work in pairs or threes and as a consultancy you are going to take the brief and work on the planning of it collaboratively doing the research before agreeing your written plan for the report as to what you would include in it and why?

This link might also be of use here

But to excite you in the magic of making ice cream I found a video taking you into the wonderful world of Ben & Jerry's below where you will get an insight into not just how its made but the fun behind the brand.

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