Friday 9 March 2018

P6 Unit 4 - How do limits of authority imporve the customer service experiemnce

Dear Year 11

This is the penultimate P task for this unit so well done for getting here and doing so on time for the Easter deadline. 

P6 is asking you to consider how giving employees different levels of responsibility can improve the customer experience. 

What would it be like if no one could ever make decisions apart from the boss?
How long would it take to get any complaints resolved if everyone had to deal with the manager?
How frustrating would it be if check out assistants could not give you a refund for a damaged or faulty product if you had a receipt for it.

The PowerPoint here will support you with this and the Google doc here might give you some structure if you need it.

Remember the businesses that delegate responsibility and share the authority with others in the organisation are the ones that empower their staff to make decisions and share the pressure of looking after the customers, especially when things go wrong.  This additional responsibility also improves employee motivation as they feel important if they can deal with customer complaints direct and as a result will probably stay working in the business for longer.

Don't forget we only have two weeks left after this week and need to have P6 completed by next week.

All best wishes and good luck

Mr T

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