Monday 5 February 2018

Unit 8 Recruitment & Selection

Dear Year 13

By now you should have a completed CV click here if you still have not got one to see what's required and a template here should you still need this !

For those that are struggling with finding an application form you could use the Job Centre one here
As for the covering letter the template on shared drive should help.

Once we have all completed the documents for part two we will start to consider the evaluation required for D2 see PowerPoint here.

Clearly we cant evaluate each others documents until you all have them completed so can I suggest that this is now a priority !

After half term we will have a schedule of interview role plays to carry out when you take it in turns to be the interviewer and interviewee.

Remember the evidence for this unit needs to be with the exam board by May!

Enjoy and keep it real

Mr T

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