Friday 2 February 2018

Unit 14 - Doing Business Online (Assignment 1 covering P1 P2 M1 D1)

Dear Year 12

Here we go with the final Unit from me that just happens to be worth double credits so we need to do well in this one.

The outline plan and interim dates is here

The first powerpoint to kick us off with P1 is here

The powerpoint to get you into P2 is here

Assignment one is broken down into four tasks that cover  P1 P2 M1 & D1 respectively and can be found here (Task 1 P1, Task 2 M1. Task 3 P2, Task 4 D1)

Deadline for submission of all four parts is Friday 2nd March so can I suggest that you plan to spend a week on each part so that you can hand it all in at the end.

Good luck and do well and most importantly enjoy

Mr T

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