Tuesday 9 January 2018

Unit 3: The UK as a destination

Dear Year 12

here are the resources to allow you to increase the rate of progress this term as its a shorter term of around 11 weeks!

With three units requiring completion in each year the first unit is completed but you had 15 weeks to do that so can we set a target of completing Unit 2 by the end of this term which will be the 29th March.  That way we will be back on track to complete the third unit in the summer term

Unit 3 Assignment 1 is here


List of UK destinations to place on a map and recall under test conditions

Unit 3 Assignment 2 is here


P2 task 2 Pen Portraits

P2 task 2 Study Guide and exemplar

Course specification

What the exam board specification says you need to do to successfully pass Unit 3 can be found here Look under 'Assessment'

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