Thursday 23 November 2017

Success is never an accident. Its usually a result of inteligent effort. Ruskin

Dear year 13

We are on the final furlong and you have everything to play for.

Here is our plan to the finishing line:


Thurs 1 RHI         Profitability ratios

Thurs 2 TTH        Liquidity ratios

Friday 5 RHI        Efficiency ratios


Mon TTH              Limitations of ratios


Thurs 1 RHI         Revision slide (2-5) functions of money, role of money and planning expenditure, ways to pay

Thurs TTH            Revision slides (6-9) types of current account and types of borrowing, types of saving, types of insurance

Fri 5 TTH               Revision (10-13) and types of financial institution, customer communication, consumer protection and consumer advice


Week 4/12

Thurs 1 RHI         Revision slide (14-17) purpose of accounting, types of capital income, types of revenue income, types of capital expenditure

Thurs 2 TTH        Revision slide (18-22) types of revenue expenditure and internal sources of finance, external sources of finance, cash inflows, cash outflow


Fri 5 RHI               Revision slide (23-26) profitability ratios, liquidity ratios, efficiency ratios and limitations of ratios


Week 11/12

Mon TTH              First half of mock

Thurs RHI             Second half of mock


Thurs TTH            Go through mock and mark scheme

Fri TTH                  Go through mock and mark scheme

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