Wednesday 29 November 2017

P5 Unit 1 lesson - Getting started on the 'THE REPORT FOR iNVESTORS'

Hi all
If you missed my lesson today, please see info below to catch up:
  • We discussed the differences between different types of business provisions – product and service
  • We recapped our learning from P3 and M3 and I gave out the criteria for unit 1 to place into context where we are going next
  • We all decided on a business each that we are going to create to help us achieve unit 1
  • We then looked at Business formats – we then decided which format would suit our own business ideas and why
  • We watch Dragons Den at the end to see how a business put their report forward to investors – link is in the PowerPoint on the blog
  • For HW they set out to complete the worksheet table and create a presentation on all findings from today’s lesson
  • Please ask for clarification on this as this is due in Friday 8th December
See blog for worksheets here that I used in class.
Mrs E

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