Tuesday 21 November 2017

Revision lesson 1 - Carousel of six activities - Didnt you do well?

Good morning Year 10

I know now how hungry you are to learn so I have continued to write you a menu with three starters, three main courses and two puddings to feed it!  Will you eat it all?


  • News Flash - Lets make some noise about "Global Enterprise Week" EXTENSION (7-9)
  • WHAT was your response to my feedback? and what have you done with it with regard to your class and homework and your BIG Business initiative (4-9)
  • Opportunity from this weeks are you a Tycoon In Your School - Sign Up here (7-9)


  • Todays revision lesson theory - lesson Who's already had a think about it ? 8 minutes on six different activities  (4-7)

  • Over to you ...   ! (4-7)


  • What did you learn today? (4-9)

Homework 9 Week 11 (7-9) use the carousel revision PowerPoint above and turn it into revision notes if you remember what you captured today's activity.

Criteria WWW - (7-8)
  • Did you remember everything that you had learnt - SWOT, Characteristics, definitions?
  • How important is the BRAND and Business name
  • Did you remember the importance of  PRODUCT USP, SELLING PRICE, PLACE available to buy and PROMOTION

Criteria EBI (8-9)
  • Did your MATRIX have a minimum of three RISK indicators?
  • What CRITERIA would you use to rank each RISK if you did it again?
  • Was SWOT analysis considered enough today?
  • Do you finish your matrix or method of assessing all new business start ups like Imberhorne's new Attitude to learning matrix below here

You might have notice the levels 8 & 9 are extension challenges on the blog page and for extra thinking beyond the lesson but you can all enjoy the lesson again after today by looking at it all again! 

What's the flipped part of the lesson from today  - Merit if you demonstrate it next lesson!

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