Wednesday 22 November 2017

Balance sheets made easy

Dear BTEC Business

this page is designed to help you understand a very difficult concept very quickly.

Definition:  A balance sheet is a valuation of a company at a certain time and place.

It also shows what the company OWES and OWNS at a particular time and place.

It also tells you how the business was financed and should accurately show how the NET ASSETS and the FINANCE BALANCE

So lets start here with this PowerPoint and here and make some notes on this tough topic
Another Example of a balance sheet can be found here

1. Test what you have learnt from the power points above with this balance sheet terminology

2. My first Balance Sheet

A generic balance Sheet that covers all bases see here

3. Key Definitions

4. Key term test here

Revision resources for the whole unit here

Extended reading
What is the difference between an ordinary share and a preference share click here

The YE teams first balance sheet

Super Curricular

A brief history of Accounting

Further reading around the topic here

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