Friday 29 September 2017

Something for the weekend in your reflection time...

Good Morning Year 11

Well, another week went by at the blink of the eye. Did it go just as quick for you too?

Collective Responsibility - Think of your school community and how you have benefited from it and put a little something back by showing your appreciation:
The Sixth Form Ambassadors certainly showed the Year 6 open evening guests around along with one of the governors from Sackville! and they all looked very proud to do so too,

Quote of the week in Imberhorne "Look great, think great and you will probably be great" 

Which is the happiest town in the UK according to a recent survey in the news this week?  I'll give you a clue.  Its 'Up North'

BBC Short Stories competition preparations for 2018 or for now here

Book At Bedtime for you budding A-level English students

BBC More or less for you budding Economists and Fifty Things That  Made the Modern Economy

Can the statistics shared this week really be true that the worlds 15 largest ships make more polution than all the cars on the planet and how many cars is that exactly?

Last Weeks Big Global Event - National Poetry Day
Did it inspire you to write some words or make some up? The BBC commissioned 12 poets from across the UK celebrating local words so if you enjoy English language and literature you might wish to have a listen here

Ted Talks - Mindfulness and meditation - What's the difference explained well here by Mrs Fraser
I have included a very short video created by Ted Talks this week 15-minute clip answers the question. Looking after your mind and body and why bovver here?   
This might inspire you to watch some other Ted Talks on a topic of your choice to ignite your interest in a SUPER CURRICULAR in the event that you do end up applying to a 'redbrick' University or Oxbridge!

Thought for the day - My favourite this week by The Chief Rabbi Ephraim Mirvis
This really is a very short daily thought provoker.  Not every day is as good as the last but some are gobsmackingly brilliant if you can take 3-4 minutes to listen to them here

Thought for the week - Harvest Festival Sunday this weekend
Saint Francis of Assisi is most associated with a harvest festival.  It was claimed that he saw things that other people didn't and saw the world with an uncluttered clarity not at the centre but as part of the whole picture. He realised that everything was connected and everything was in relationship. Perhaps we should continue to challenge our materialism and wastefulness.  Some still live on this planet and eat themselves to death whilst others starve! Hoping for global justice is meaningless unless we are prepared to embrace the sacrifices to our lifestyle. If only we were to listen to make it possible.  We have to be part of the answer to all our own prayers. The simple truth is that the world won't change unless we ourselves are changed. If only we were to listen and let ourselves be changed what a world, what a harvest that would be.  

Digital Pencil Case - Headspace - making mindfulness and meditation easy
This weeks addition to your digital pencil case is aimed at helping with anxiety if you are already feeling the stress and workload build as we get stuck into Year 11.  Download the App here and see if it works for you. This powerpoint slide will explain why here and the YouTube clip here does a great job at explaining how stress can affect your brain here

You can access it for a free trial from the App store or through the Imberhorne G-Suite.  You just need an account and you're in.  Let me know what you think of it.

And now for something completely different...
This week's upbeat funky and wonderful tune on youtube Click here

Feel free to email your favourite clip to share with the tutor group before next Friday

Have a lovely weekend and well done for keeping up with yourself during the first four weeks.

Best wishes

Mr T

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