Friday 13 October 2017

Something for the weekend in your reflective time

Good Morning Year 11

Well, another week went by at the blink of the eye. Did it go just as quick for you too?

Collective Responsibility - Think of your school community and how you have benefited from it and put a little something back by showing your appreciation:
Like Ruby in Year 7 did last week when she shared her business idea with the Year 12 Young Enterprise Team

Quote of the week in Imberhorne "Look great, think great and you will probably be great" 

What will the British Heart Foundation be celebrating on Monday?  Lets start with Vinnie Jones here then here's the trailer here and the twenty minute Call Push Rescue training session is here

BBC Short Stories competition preparations for 2018 or for now here

Book At Bedtime for you budding A-level English students

BBC More or less for you budding Economists and Fifty Things That  Made the Modern Economy

Next Terms Big Global Event - Global Enterprise Week
Will it inspire you to set up a business like our Year 10s who are writing a business plan to submit to Peter Jones for his Tycoon in Schools competition or the Year 12's who are working on the Young Enterprise Company Programme see more on the link here

Ted Talks - Do Schools kill Creativity by Ken Robinson
I have included a very short video created by Ted Talks this week 15-minute clip answers the question. I think they have the potential of it unless you excite and inspire and let everyone lead on what they want to lead on then like Imberhorne you un-tap the hidden potential and see what really lies beneath see here

This might inspire you to watch some other Ted Talks on a topic of your choice to ignite your interest in a SUPER CURRICULAR in the event that you do end up applying to a 'redbrick' University or Oxbridge!


Mr T

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