Friday 13 October 2017

Using INTERNAL and EXTERNAL sources of FINANCE to build the Olivers BRAND into a FRANCHISE

Dear Year 13

Who will have the second and third submission to present to the MD of Oliver's next week how Oliver's can become the UK's next BRAND?

1st over the finish line is here Matty E

2nd over the finish line is here Josh G

3rd over the finish line is here Tom J

Just remember you taught yourself the theory.

You did your own research and whets great you formatted your report as professionally as you thought fit.


Well done you

Mr T

8m Exam Question to follow

knowledge marks
2m for definitions of outright purchase and lease hire

analysis marks
2m for for and against leasing
2m for for and against outright purchase

evaluation - make a decision and talk impact on the business
2m for decision as to which one to go for and WHY

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