Tuesday 26 September 2017

Year 10 GCSE Business - The next generation of Business leaders & Entreoreneurs

Good morning Year 10

I know now how hungry you are to learn so I have written you a menu with three starters, three main courses and two puddings to feed it!  Will you eat it all?


  • Homework IN - I was impressed that 90% of you thought it wasn't good enough and did it again!
  • Starter  this weeks business news quiz - how hot is your knowledge of business current affairs


  • Recap last week - where do good ideas come from?
  • The importance of Feedback, Feedback, Feedback is your self reflection recorded as well as your feedback from me in a green pen


Homework 4 Week 4

  • Activity - What technology would you use to create a new business today  - One paragraph or slide or sketch or (Going Google or Traditional Text?) and find a book that is over 45 years old and out of copyright for a young child, teenager or adult!

Next Lesson
  • Next lesson's flipped lesson - What is an Entrepreneur and have you got the skills to be one click here 
  • Homework for Next week - learn the new Grade Descriptors and be able to explain them to Mr T

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