Friday 15 September 2017

If you want something doing give it to a busy person...

Here are a few ideas if your schools not doing enough or even a few more if it is

Future First Great to create an Alumni and bring back guest speakers For Future Friday P5 sessions for Year 10-13 or create careers opportunities, work experience and free courses

Speakers 4 schools for that big faculty week in the school calendar!

Speakers Corner similar to above

Sphere Science the website puts it clearly enough.  Exciting science activities - any age - anywhere

Young Enterprise Company Programme - Tried and tested with Year 12 and hoping to do the same with year 10 this year unless we go with Tycoon in School as well or instead with the lower year group.

Young Enterprise Tenner Award tried and tested with year Yr 7 in April / May as they loved it.

Tycoon in Schools Great programme that runs along side the BTEC L2 Unit 2 Finance but is also great for your Year 10 GCSE Business students to get involved in learning by doing too.

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