Wednesday 13 September 2017

100% A* - B could be as easy as A B C if you perform every lesson as you did in todays double

Dear Class of 2018

Here is the outcome of last weeks homework.  Two presentations on Imbertube for you to watch, Team Girls, Team Boys I thought it best not to paste the links on here.

Can I suggest that you practice your evaluation skills by self-assessing your team's performance using the marking criteria that I gave you last week and emailed you again after the lesson and then use it to marking the other team's performance? If you haven't got it still SNAPCHAT the group.

Mr Brown's feedback was instant and I am happy to share this with you next week in the lesson so you can compare it to your own self evaluation to see how accurate you were.

I was impressed that both teams did such a proper job with it and spent so long investing in your own skills development.  If I could award a whole class commendation then I would.

Homework for this week is on SIMS and I have shared the slide by email.

In a nutshell, you have to carry out your primary (survey) and secondary (desk) research to launch a product and of your choice.

Remember this research will allow you to decide your MARKETING MIX  to TARGET your MARKET in the local DEMOGRAPHIC of East Grinstead.

The results from our in-class survey for Walkers crisps can be seen here. by clicking responses. If you haven't yet completed the survey click the link here

I think it's fair to say that I think everyone enjoyed today's lesson and I was pleased with your feedback after it!

Have a great week and thanks for working so very hard and being so very great

All best wishes

Mr T

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