Tuesday 12 September 2017

Is it ever too soon to have a career development plan

I don't think it is unrealistic to produce a realistic personal career development plan for as suitable career and show what you will do over the next five years so that you achieve it!  The next two years at college or in an apprenticeship at L2 or L3
  • The next year you will be finishing off your GCSE.  The following two years in the sixth form or college working at your Level three courses than three years on an L3 or L4 programme be it University or work based learning such as an apprenticeship.
The three little questions that you need to start at are:
  1. Where are you now?
  2. Where would you like to be in five years time?
  3. How will you get there?
To help you do this task I have created a template that you could actually complete within an hour if you click here
  • Once you have picked a profession you then need to think what skills does this job require?
  • What qualifications does this job require?
  • What experience does this job require you to have?
  • Does your plan include measurable targets and time lines/dates?
  • What professional qualifications are required for this job role and how long will these take to achieve and where will you study for these?
Your personal career development plan (CDP) requires you to do some showing independent research and planning.  This could include stuff such as:
    • Online search for some person specifications for this job role
    • Careers research to see what qualifications this job role requires 
    • Some research into the appropriate courses and professional qualifications and where these can be achieved, the cost and the time required to achieve them
    • Some evidence to show who you have spoken to.  What websites you have looked at (print screens) what people you have spoken to e.g. Careers in school, Kudos etc
    • www.unifrog.org
So add all the websites that you have used in researching your personal career development plan and college courses that you have looked at, people you have spoken to so that you can revisit it again.  You can also use this for your BTEC Business Unit 8 coursework if you do a good job on it  The following links  may help you find a job career plan and complete it quicker see below

    Once you've got the draft you can take your time to develop it:
      • Do you need longer to develop your plan? How much longer 2w,4w,6w,10w?
      • Have you had a career interview yet?  What was the feedback from the interview?
      • Are you happy with the feedback from the interview? Why?
      • Do you need to take a different route to achieve your career plan, if so what was it? Full-time College.  Full time work?
      • Is there anyone else that can give you feedback, information, advice and guidance on your career plan? Plumbers, Entrepreneurs, Friends and family, teachers etc?
      • Are their alternative qualifications that would get you to where you want to be? E.g. C&G, BTEC, Corgi
      • Do you think that your career development plan is still suitable for you, If so why/ If not why not?
      • If you had to add anything else to your career development plan what would it be e.g. Prices Trust research, Shell Live Wire, Apprenticship.org 
      • Do you need to take a different route
      • Are there alternative qualifications that would get you to where you want to be

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