Thursday 6 July 2017

P5 Unit 1 Describe the influence of TWO contrasting economic environments on business activities within a selected organisation

Dear Year 12

to achieve this task you have two options.  Firstly you could select one business that has operations in two different business environments such as a UK based business that has a call centre in the Indian sub-Continent or Cadbury's that operated its R&D in the UK and yet most of its production is based in Eastern Europe.

Alternatively you could select one business from each of two different business environments.  I would suggest that you will find greater differences in political and social environments and that these are going to be more interesting to research.

Similarly it could be just as interesting to look at different countries in Europe such as Poland and the UK.  I don't mind which option you take provided that the differences are sufficient to create different business environments 

A checklist oif what should be included is below:

Your submission will address issues, related to the UK economy and that of another country (for example Poland, and it must include information and data on:
·        The economic environment facing the business (stage of the business cycle –             recession, recovery, boom, etc.)
·         GDP and economic growth
·         Levels of inflation
·         Unemployment
·         Interest rates
·         Changes in demand in economies studied
·         Changes in conditions of supply
·        Global interdependence that affect the business, including the supply chain and          ownership of the business, as well as how it acquires capital for its activities

Using the data collected describe the influence of these two contrasting economic environments on the business activities (such as transport of goods, promotion of products, recruitment of staff, etc.) of your multinational company.

Use newspapers, and data from the Internet setting out economic data. Useful websites are BBC News online, the Business and Economy sections.

Electronic resources 

tradingeconomics and click on indicators then click on Euro area Online company annual reports Online business information service about the European Union A-level and GCSE revision Official UK statistics

You should examine the Annual report of your chosen company Cadbury's if you have not done that already, which will be available to download from their company website, as well as study reports in newspapers like the Guardian and the Independent to identify current economic trends. (P5)

To get M2 at teh same time as P5 you will need to:

Provide a comparison report of the challenges to selected business activities within the selected business in the two different economic environments.

You need to analyse the data that you’ve gathered for P5. You will be able to get a picture of whether GDP and national demand are rising or falling, whether changes in interest rates favour business or not, and so on. You then need to make sense of this data to identify the key challenges, presented by the two economic environments. (M2)

Sources of information:

Bevan J, Dransfield R, Coupland-Smith H, Goymer J and Richards C – BTEC Level 3 National Business Student Book 1 (Pearson, 2009) ISBN 9781846906343
Company websites, Company annual reports
Letts – Revise AS Business Studies (Letts Educational Ltd, 2004) ISBN 1843154242
Palmer and Hartley – The Business Environment (McGraw-Hill, 2006) ISBN 0077109902
Worthington and Britton – The Business Environment (Financial Times/Prentice Hall, 2006) ISBN 0273704249

Business Review Magazine (Phillip Allan Publishers – see
The Economist (The Economist Newspaper Group Inc)

Quality newspapers – especially the business sections

Date issued Friday 7th July 2017               Hand in date Friday 14th July 2017

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