Tuesday 20 June 2017

P3 & P4 Unit 1

Dear Year 12

Today we start P3 & P4 for the final unit.

P3 requires you to discuss the organisational structures of the TWO chosen businesses that you talked about in P1 & P2.

You also need to comment on the PURPOSE of the structure.

Discuss if the structure is a FUNCTIONAL one, GEOGRAPHIC, 

You need to have a drawn structure of each in your report and a comment on the SPAN of CONTROL that it shows.

You will need to describe the functional areas for both businesses e.g. Finance, Production, Marketing, Production, Customer Service sales and HR to PASS P3

Online Resources 

Organisational structure of Cadbury's click here and look for some clues

More clues can be found at the parent company Mondalez here

Other resources on the organisational structure of Cadbury's click here

This study guide here has a few clues in it.

This 2005 guide may be useful click here

This powerpoint might help also click here

This resource points out the main functional areas that you need to discuss here

Online company annual reports   www.carol.co.uk 

A recent documentaty from Dispatches can be found here This along with the management structure should help you to see how the current structure has evolved click here  For those still looking for an organisational structure for Cadbury's click here.  Hat tip to Jake Jones for finding this on page 10.  Make sure that you put this into the contect of Mondalez.

M1 - Explain the points of view of different stakeholders seeking to influence the aims and objectives of two contrasting organisations

D1 - Evaluate the influence different different stakeholders exert in the organisation.  
(rememeber evaluation requires you to get evidence to support your points)

P4 Describe the different stakeholders who influence the purpose of two contrasting businesses

Now you need to give an explanation of how the style of organisation of the two contrasting organisations helps them fulfil their purposes. You must include:

1. Strategic planning for both businesses:
  • describe the strategic planning process
  • include mission and values
  • write strategic aims and objectives – explain cascading of objectives throughout the organisation (from top to bottom):

Remember that they all vary, depending on the type of ownership:
=  private sector aims (breakeven, survival, profit maximisation, growth);
= public sector aims (service provision, cost limitation, value for money, meeting government standards, growth of range of provision)

2. Describe the three major factors which influence their strategic planning:
  • stakeholders
  • business environment (government actions, changes in law, competitors, state of the economy)
  • business type and ownership

Once you have presented the strategic planning process in both organisations, you need to explain for both businesses how the above described organisational structures and functional areas help the businesses achieve their purpose and aims. 

For example, the Human Resources department in our School helps the school to achieve its mission for providing excellent education by employing the best staff/teachers, who are experts in the field/subject area. By having a relatively flat structure communication is quicker; tasks are shared with all staff to achieve ultimate results – the success of the students.

Online resources

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