Monday 20 February 2017

P1 Unit 8 Revisited

Dear Year 11
we have some corrections to make to Unit 8 before we send this to the exam board in a few weeks time.  This is also your last opportunity to get a MERIT or DISTINCTION in this unit once all the PASS tasks are completed 
For P1 you needed to explain functional areas in TWO contrasting businesses. Which we will do in todays lesson
1. You should have an organisational chart for your two chosen businesses e.g. Marco and Easistore or Oxted School and Tandridge Leisure explaining what each does e.g. Marco is in Manufacturing whereas Easistore is a service provider etc.
2. The contrast needs to be clear.  Is it a large or small company.  Is it INTERNATIONAL or LOCAL? Is it making a PROFIT or a CHARITY? Does it have a FLAT structure or TALL structure.  Is it hierarchical, a matrix structure, functional or divisional. What is the span of control, what is the chain of command, is it centralised or decentralised see here
3. You then should decide which functional areas in the two businesses you drew functional areas for not different ones.  If you drew the organisational chart for Marco you need to talk about Marco.  If you drew Oxted School talk about Oxted School's functional areas.
4. Now you need to explain what at least FOUR of the functional areas do in each business in relation to the ORGANISATIONAL charts with examples from the chosen businesses 
For Marco - CUSTOMER SERVICE and maintenance, SALES and DESIGN, FINANCE and PRODUCTION with examples from Murco.
For Easistore - FINANCE, OPERATIONS, MARKETING and FACILITIES management with examples from Easistore
For Oxted School - FINANCE, SITE SERVICES, TEACHING, ADMIN with examples from school.


Good luck and enjoy

Mr T

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