Sunday 19 February 2017

GCSE OCR A293 Paper - Pre -release resources to use outside lessons - Bowton Festival

Hi Year 11

On the shared drive there are some extra resources for you to enjoy between lessons including:

  • Introduction and some research resources to the festival market
  • Six sections of the case study and the relevant key terms
  • Blank key work tables to fill in and a glossary to help you
  • Practice papers and mark sheets just before we finish and you go on study leave
  • Worksheet answers to go with your printed booklet that you will get when we have covered all the eight topic areas below in class
Topics covered include
  1. Production methods and management
  2. Production costs
  3. Sources of finance
  4. Financial forecasting and analysis
  5. The competitive environment
  6. Environmental influences and business ethics
  7. Government and the UK economy
  8. Globalisation and UK Business
The answers to most of the questions are PASSWORD protected so you can have access to them once we have completed everything on class.

Enjoy and do well and remember this A293 Paper is worth  is worth 50% of your overall grade

Best wishes

Mr T

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