Wednesday 4 January 2017

P2 Unit 2 - Describe the main employ-ability, personal and communication skills required when applying for a specific job role

Employ-ability Skills

Employ-ability comes from having the correct skills and qualifications that a particuylar job will demand.

The Job Specification will always identify what these are and suggest if these are ESSENTIAL requirements or DESIRABLE to have.

A suitable qualification for a teacher would be a degree in the subject that they teach and a teaching qualification approved by the Department of Education

Experience in a similar role will be relied upon heavily in the selection process so that the employer can see your previous performance in this role and see if it is suitable to do an even better job in the new role that you are applying for.

Having a knowledge of products and services that a company offer can often be taught after appointment but if the knowledge of the product or service is a highly technical one that takes years of training the company would prefer that you come with this as it will cost them too much to train  this into you and take too long to be an effective employee unless you were applying for a job as an APPRENTICE.

Specific industry knowledge and skills  is also something that a company will be looking to buy as part of your skill set.  Often School leavers have little of this unless they have had extensive work experience in school and sixth form or have found internship opportunities in the summer holidays

Evidence that you have experience of holding and attending meetings and can contribute as an individual or within a team is also important to see as is your ability to OBSERVE and learn by doing a task, procedure or routine.  Some people are better at learning by doing and learning from watching others i.e. builders, plumbers and electricians for example but this can take time so you will need to learn quickly.

Having an ability to raise your professional standards through reflection, target setting and self appraisal is also a massive skill set that companies are looking for in order that they can improve service and product quality.

Activity / Evidence as you need to know your strengths and weaknesses use this skills audit document. This should give you a percentage of efficiency / effectiveness of you as a person.  It will also allow you to identify your training needs which employers love to know so they can commit to supporting them.  Reflective employees are seen to be effective employees.

Personal Skills

These skills are less measurable at interview unless you carry out an assessment activity in teams but include a candidates patience, ability to work hard, ability to work as part of a team and having good interpersonal skills such as being able to co-operate with others on the same level as you, below you and those that you report to and are able to resolve conflict, set and agree to targets, manage your time effectively and be able to set agree and manage budgets.  Personal skills might also be useful when interviewing others and supervising others in a team.

Application of theory to coursework

The above is the theory for P2 you then need to sew this into whats required for the specific job role that you considered in P1

Deadlne date 20th January 2017

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