Wednesday 4 January 2017

P1 Unit 2 – Describe the recruitment documentation in a selected organisation

Dear Year 12

Employing the correct person is a vital role of the Human 
Resources department.  Businesses use three key 
documents to help them do this:

1. A Job Description
2. A person specification and 
3. An application form

This tasks expects you to create an recruitment and 
induction pack research the recruitment and selection 
induction process for a particular job role in Oxted School

Start by identifying a particular job role (teaching or non 
teaching) that you could apply for now with the skills and 
experience that you CURRENTLY have and for that job role
print off the job description and person specification

Give an explanation of each document, application form, 
Job Description and person specification

Now obtain an application form for Oxted School
For each document describe what it contains including 
screen shots of each section of the three documents and 
say how it is used in both the recruitment and selection 

Explain how each of these documents could be used by 
Oxted School to help them recruit a new employees
Now complete the application form to apply for your 
chosen job role

Deadline for this P1 submission is 20th January 2017  

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