Thursday 26 May 2016

The Young Enterprise Company Programme at Oxted School From September 2016

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Dear Year 11 soon to be Year 12

The Business & Economics Department are delighted to inform you that from September 2016 you will be able to apply to take part in the Young Enterprise Company Programme. If you've never heard about it before have a looksie here

The other exciting news is that we have secured a fine fellow of a business mentor to support you.

Peter Dolphin is a recently retired local business man who comes from a long pedigree of entrepreneurs from the service and manufacturing sectors.

Peter's Mother’s side of the family included Eustace Watkins who left the Quill pen dynasty to set up a car dealership in and around London with the Wolsey Hornet Six being their most popular conversion.  He worked in  the family business after graduating in Engineering in Birmingham and secured a proper apprenticeship with the BMC days. The link here shows his grandfather with Lord Nuffield

Peter's Father’s side of the family were shirt makers in Piccadilly, known as Dare and Dolphin  and were that well thought of that George VI granted them a Royal Warrant which you can see in the hand sketched advertisement from 1937 above.  

So Peter's pure entrepreneurial background from both blood lines should see him in prime position to coach your team to next years final which will look OUTSTANDING on your CV whether its for university, an apprenticeship, work based training opportunity or even self employment.

To apply you need to write a brief letter identifying your entrepreneurial skills and qualities and your strengths and weaknesses indicating which position in  the company you would be best suited to.  You also need to identify what your BIG entrepreneurial idea for your START UP would be.

This is a once in a lifetime opportunity so don't miss out!

best wishes and good luck with the application process

Mr T

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