Thursday 26 May 2016

Code it - Compile it - Flash it - Comming Soon Ollie Smoth's Code Academy at Oxted School

Dear all

we are delighted to announce that Ollie Smith's Code Academy will be starting up in the final term.

Ollie is a keen programmer who is self taught and would like to share his skills and abilities with others.

Time: P6
Day: Every Thursday 3.20pm - 4pm
Venue: EDIT

He will be teaching you the skills to:
Write Code
Design Games
Build Websites
Make Graphics
Anyone who attends the first three weeks will be invited to  take home and play with a BBC Micro Bit
  The Micro Bit - 10 things you need to know here

Your first three steps:

Step 1 Coding
Step 2 Compiling
Step 3 Flashing

click here
For more information see here and here
Microbit Coding

School Registration

Once you've got bored with the above why not have a look at
Code Club

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