Thursday 19 May 2016

Computing Science Course - Year 7

Dear Chantelle

As discussed this is the entire course for year 7.  if you can set yourself a target of getting this completed before September you will be in a great place to progress at pace in Year 8.

Unit 1 Basic Digital literacy

  1. Files and formatting here help sheet here 
  2. Formal business letter here help sheet here Homework here
  3. Creating a presentation here help sheet here
  4. Animations and transitions here help sheet here plus Homework
  5. Collating data here data help sheet here and here
  6. Creating graphs here and help sheet  and Formula Homework
Unit 2 Web Awareness
  1. How the web works
  2. Staying safe and responsible on-line
  3. Who's watching
  4. On-line security risks Part 1
  5. On-line security risks Part 2
  6. Creating a Web page Part 1
  7. Creating a Web page part 2
  8. Cloud Computing Project
Unit 3 What are computers?
  1. Inputs and outputs
  2. The Human Computer
  3. Computer language
  4. Health and Safety
  5. Computer networks
  6. Operating systems
  7. Revision
  8. End of Unit assessment

Think that's everything you missed.


Mr t

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