Wednesday 2 March 2016

Controlled assessment part A Planning and preparation stage

Good morning Year 10

This coursework is a business investigation so its all about what you do to find the search to support Abdul in launching his business.

You are writing with a purpose and that purpose is to advise Abdul on whether or not his market research plan is suitable for his proposed bike shop.  To do this effectively you will need to consider your knowledge and understanding of market research and its importance in determining the marketing mix of Abdul's business but you also need to consider:
  • the data provided in the five sections of the exam board market research plan
  • the target group for the research
  • other information that you think is appropriate 
I have created you a list of reparation and research in the same order as the market research plan and  you really should be finishing off this now.  The list  of things to do includes:

  1. Look at competitors where the business will open.  Print out a Google map of who the potential competitors are (no more than 6/7) and briefly look at the STRENGTHS and WEAKNESSES of each one.  Is 5 miles far enough to look ?
  2. Look at secondary research on the demographics of the local area.  Identify age groups in the area that the business will open the link here may help.  The national office of statistics may also help here and Acorn that our A level learners use here
  3. Your primary research is where your proposed questionnaire comes in.  Do you have one yet with 10 questions that Abdul could use.  Abdul does not think much of this idea as his previous employer would have done it for him.  He also thinks like him everyone loves cycling and the interest in it is high.  Is he correct in thinking this?
  4. What do you think of test markets.  Clearly Adbul puts no value on this.  What is your advise to Abdul based on what you know on the subject now.
  5. Abdul believes that the answer to all his prayers lies in the SWOT analysis. This is very good at looking at the business idea in outline view and you know that Strengths and Weaknesses consider factors inside the business but on its own can Abdul rely on this to launch his business.  You should however ensure that you have one in your folder to refer to in the write up on the 18th March.
  6. The exam board says collect any other research that you think is appropriate so I have attached a few things to look at on the links below.  The more research you do the better all three sections will be when you write it up as all the points that you make will be backed up with evidence from the research.  Your opinion without the research will make for a dull read.

You could make a bullet point list of the top ten facts that you find that you think will help you make good recommendations to support Abdul in his bike business start up using the links below

think that should keep you busy for the first hour.  We cant get an IT room on Friday so we can use Friday to draft out our INTRODUCTION together in class and see how well we did today

Good luck and enjoy and remember that an A* requires some classy research

Mr T

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