Friday 13 November 2015

Year 12 pupil voice for A level Business Studies

Dear Year 12

the feedback that you gave in the recent survey suggested that you would like the following helps and support.

  • More examples of high level work / exemplars so be prepared to share your great work with others from now on, anonymously of course
  • Progress in the subject will come from completing ALL homework and many of you have still not established routines to practice the new theory and skills you learn from the TWO lessons you have each week from each teacher.  A minimum expectation should be at least ONE hour study on every hour taught.
  • Developing independent learning and study skills - use this blog page and the other resources in your scheme of work to get better at this along with Tutor2U and BBC websites and the shared area which is full of resources for this new course.
  • Very few are showing evidence in folder checks of reading around the subject areas and this will greatly reduce your chances of exceeding your target grade.  Remmember you were given a  reading list at the start of the course. Try reading a book a term so that you can get through it over the two years
  • One2one private mentoring is available on a Thursday and a Tuesday from 3.20pm to 4.20pm in BSO but come prepared with questions that you would like answered or extra resources that you would like to work on.
All this is designed to help you exceed your target grade, enjoy this new and exciting course and get the most out of the resources and your teaching team

Good luck and enjoy

Mr T 

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