Monday 16 November 2015

GCSE Year 11 December Mock Exam Preperation

Dear Year 11

here are a few exam questions that will allow you to practice what you have revised over these next FIVE lessons so feel free to try them.

I have also added a mark scheme for each questions so that you can see how you have got on!

Make a note of the question number before you click the link and just do the question suggested.  The mark sheets are directly below each question.

Production Questions

May 2011 Paper 2 
Questions 2C1 (2m) and 2C2 (4m)

Mark Scheme
June 2011
Qu 2a (2m)
Q2b (3m)

Mark Scheme

June 2012
Q3c (6m)
Q3d (9m)

Mark Scheme

June 2013

Mark Scheme

Quality Exam Questions

June 2014 Paper 2

Q1c (4m)

Mark Scheme

Source of Finance Exam Questions

Jan 2011 Qu3c (9m)

Mark Scheme

Revenue and Profit Exam Questions

June 2011 Qu 3c(1m) a (2m) bi(2m) bii (3m)

Mark Scheme

June 2013 Qu3bi  Qu3bii

Mark Scheme

Cash-flow Exam Questions

June 2011 Paper 1 

Q3d (9m)

Mark Scheme

June 2013 Paper 1

Q2d (9m)

Mark Scheme

That's you sorted should you choose to use some or all.


Mr T

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