Tuesday 10 November 2015

P4 Factors that have contributed to one declining and one developing EU holiday destination

P4 Approach - you need to REVIEW factors that have contributed to one declinign and one developing destination int eh European Travel market
  1. Choose TWO holiday destinations - 1 declining - 1 developing
  2. Identify factors that have contributed to the decline / growth e.g. POLITICAL FACTORS, ECONOMIC FACTORS, CULTURAL FACTORS, DESIGN, SECURITY, BUTLERS LIFE Cycle
  3. Research current information that will support part 2 above using the reading list below and researching other articles.
  4. Plan your PODCAST structure
  5. Record and review your podcast presentation
Reading list to research P4
  • European Commission - Early warning signs document click here
  • European Statistics click here
  • Managing tourist destinations - Google books click here
  • Sustainable development in tourism.  How to manage the risks click here
  • From development to decline - click here
  • Travel trends from the office of National Statistics click here
  • We are all going bust beside the seaside article in this is money - Will more EU holiday destinations decline as UK holiday makers choose to holiday in the UK following the terrorist attack in Egypt last week - an alternative view click here

For M3 - You need to ANALYSE reasons for the development and decline of your selected destination in the European Travel Market

For D2 you need to JUSTIFY how current factors could impact on the European travel market in the near future.

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