Monday 13 April 2015

P1 Thoery for Unit 4 Principles of Customer Service

P1 Learning outcome
Describe the different types of customer service provided by TWO selected business

To do this we have decided to use a local business called Tandridge Leisure Centre and the other business can be a business of your choice.

The meaning of customer service

Customer service is what a business does to:

  • satisfy the needs
  • meet the expectations of its customers

Many businesses have systems in place to ensure that they are meeting the needs of their customers and make sure that the customers are happy with the service they provide.

Remember customer service is not just getting the customers to buy the product or service it is the service that customers get before, during and after they have purchased the products or service

Different customer service roles in a business

A business will employ people in several different job roles and some will have:
  • job roles dealing directly with customers
  • roles that do not have direct customer service
Roles dealing directly with customers include:
  • Receptionists who are often the first person the customer will meet and will need to create a good first impression.  It is the receptionists role to meet and greet the customers and respond quickly to all telephone calls
  • The contact centre worker will not meet the customers face to face but will still need to create a good impression of the company by being prompt and provide accurate information
  • The shop assistant will be responsible for supporting the customer while they are buying products and services and by providing advice for the customer and taking payments
  • The delivery drivel will be responsible to delivering the purchases to the customers premises and making sure that the customer is happy with their products and be polite and friendly.
Roles that do not involve direct customer service include:
  • They are employees in the business who may not have direct contact with the customers but they still have to create and maintain a good image of the business.  These people can be employed as cleaners, gardeners or engineers
The different types of customer service businesses have:
  • Service delivery - usually a member of staff responsible for the sales or customer service provision.
  • Face to face customer service - typical businesses are Hotels, Restaurants, Leisure centres, Hospitals, Shops, car show rooms
  • Remote customer service - such as call centres provide support over the phone to customers but some now also have online support such as life help, chat or email support
  • Customer service teamwork - where co-operation between everyone employee and department in the organisation working together and knowing what the procedure is for dealing with every task as well as every complaint and query and be confident that it will be dealt with effectively.
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