Monday 13 April 2015

Unit 4 Business Communications

Good Morning Year 12
as promised we will be starting the second unit of three for this year and with only two terms left we will need to do this unit in a month.

The assignment brief is attached here

Remember the interim deadline dates are set for a reason deadline dates are set for a reason so unless I've had MERIT  & DISTINCTION work from the previous work to give you feedback on that opportunity is now PASSED.

The second unit is about Business Communication and the SPECIFICATION is attached here. Feel free to read and digest it but I've created an outline for you to ponder if you prefer.

P1 is slightly THEORY based but should help re-align your head around some thinking around the definition and meaning of communication.  You will at this stage need to choose a business to investigate in order to explain the different type of information that are being used, where this information originates and its purpose.  Obvious companies might include ONE WATER, APPLE, INNOCENT DRINKS, Virgin Media or even Oxted School.

For the 'support pack' pack click here and here

Deadline Wednesday TBC

P2 requires you to present the same information using three different methods depending on the USERS needs.  This could be a verbal PRESENTATION combined with a report and an example of this would be this years Young Enterprise Company ' competing in the regional final.  Their Pitch can be seen here and their PRESENTATION can be seen here. Alternatively this could be a FINANCIAL REPORT that you can manipulate into a SPREADSHEET or a selection of CHARTS or a WEB PAGE or PREZZI, BLOG & A LEAFLET.  Either way your submission needs to indicate the NATURE of its intended AUDIENCE and its likely PURPOSE and can come from the BUSINESS organisation investigated in P1.
For the 'support pack' click here
Deadline Wednesday TBC

P3 Here you need to PRODUCE a CORPORATE communication for a business organisation which could be an ADVERT for a POSTER or a leaflet communicating information about a business or one of its products or services, SPIT n POLISH or the ONE WATER vending could be one. Alternatively the information could be information incorporated on a PRODUCT's PACKAGING see D&T or the DESIGN for the new OSA MINI BUS. Again the same business organisation used in P1 & P2 can be used here.
Deadline Wednesday TBC

P4 Here you need to EVALUATE existing EXTERNAL CORPORATE COMMUNICATIONS for a PRODUCT or SERVICE so a SURVEY seemed the best way to deal with this.
Deadline Wednesday TBC

P5 Is your first opportunity to look at the LEGAL & ETHICAL issues relating to the use of business information.  You can use any business but I suggest you pick one where you can research information that is clearly available. You need to obtain the the chosen business organisations POLICIES on these ETHICAL issues in relation to business information and EXPLAIN how that organisation complies with their legal obligations.
Deadline Wednesday TBC

P6 requires you to EXPLAIN the OPERATIONAL ISSUES in relation to business information.  How their information is SECURE, the HEALTH and SAFETY issues associated with information management and how they develop NEW SYSTEMS to manage information and the possible need for more COMPLEX SOFTWARE and STAFF TRAINING. A CASE study on a chosen business will be an effective way to deal with this.  Think of a company you'd like to use and we will arrange to get them in 
Deadline Wednesday TBC

P7 In this task you will need to EXAMINE both electronic and non-electronic methods of communicating available to a business.  The suggested assignment in the brief below should keep you on track!
Deadline date Wednesday TBC

Finally the assignment brief is attached here

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