Wednesday 11 March 2015

Unit 6 - P3 and P4

Task 4
Now you are ready to prepare the Financial Plan. To do this
·         Input data on forecast sales, any other revenues, costs of fixed assets, costs of variable assets, other expenses into the business planning software for micro businesses that you have available to you; make checks to ensure that you have done this accurately (P3)
Generate the following financial documents for your business:

o    Projected profit and loss statement
o    Break-even calculation
o    Projected cash flow
o    Projected balance
o    Key Performance Rations such as Return on Capital Employed (ROCE)
Identify good points and issues of concern for each of the financial documents and make notes of these on the financial documents themselves (P4)
This provides evidence for P3 and P4

Deadline date 25th February 2015

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