Wednesday 11 March 2015

Section 4 - A description and an analysis of the suitability of other locations that the business could choose

Morning Year 10

if we were going to suggest moving Qumins to a new location within the Oxford Ring Road where would this be?

Step 1
Consider alternative locations in Oxford City                                                                          
  1. Cowley Road - shopping - city guide  the two ends of Cowley Road
  2. Cowley Centre - Templar Square
  3. Oxford City Centre - Clarendon Centre - Westgate Centre
  4. Golden Cross - Covered Market
  5. Close to Oxpens / Wesgate development - approved plans design stage  start date
  6. Oxford Castle Quarter
  7. Botley Road exhisting Retail Park and new development
  8. Summertown
  9. Headington
  10. Little Clarendon Street Oxford - restaurant guide
  11. Jericho Oxford -  a brief history
  12. Hybrid store - located in another premises - retail outlet or Pub
  13. Take over a premises currently in use as something else and apply for change of use! Why not see whats available at Daltons Weekly  or Central Business Agency
Step 2
After researching the above potential locations and perhaps some others of your own then try to whittle the list down to your top three before you carry out the analysis below

Step 3
Carry out your 8 step analysis of your top three locations (specific advantages and disadvantages of each location)
  1. Can raw materials be easily delivered?
  2. Labour - can you easily get workers and how much is the competition paying for them if you have to compete?
  3. Transport - can customers get to you easily? Are there adequate places to park? Is parking free or expensive. Is the business on a well establish public transport network?
  4. Communication - does the business benefit from internet and high speed broadband connections? 
  5. Location of your customers - who are they and where are they and will you have enough to share with your other competitors?
  6. Operating costs - What is your fixed costs such as rent going to be in this location? Are their any other ongoing costs like maintenance charges or ground rent if its a leasehold property.  Is the start up cost significantly high e.g. cost of lease for remaining period of rental? 
  7. Future opportunities - are their any planning developments that will benefit you in the short term and long term or any that will cause you any problems in this proposed location
  8. Competition -  there are many reasons why a business would want to set up in an area with much competition.  The area may be known as a foody street like little Clarendon Street and somewhere worth a regular visit.  You could even take 20% of your customers from five separate businesses so that you are busy every day and compete on PRICE! QUALITY or do better incentives and PROMOTIONS than anyone else?
Job done now get on with doing your research!

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