Tuesday 3 March 2015

P4 Develop a spreadsheet with a given realisitic data set containing a user interface for data input and and presentation of output data

For P4 learners need to create a spreadsheet to meet the brief outlined in P3.

  1. The spreadsheet should contain a user interface for data input and for the presentation of data output.
  2. It should contain simple functions and formulae.
  3. Data from the spreadsheet will be sorted.
  4. The spreadsheet should be formatted to promote ease of use.
  5. Learners will have provided either a graph or a chart to present the result / output from the spreadsheet solution.
For level one learners should produce as a minimum a spreqadsheet solution for a brief.  The formulae should include simple functions and formulae some formatting and a basic output to presetn the results / outcome

Checklist of what you need to know is here:

Developing a spreadsheet solution Use spreadsheet software tools and techniques, e.g.: 
● cell manipulation (e.g. entering and editing data, autofilling, replication, conditional formatting (to highlight outcomes)) 
● cell formatting (e.g. colours, shading, merging cells, alignment) 
● data manipulation (e.g. filters, sorts, pivot tables) 
● formulae (e.g. add, subtract, divide, multiply) 
● functions (e.g. sum, average, count and countIF, lookup, index) 
● logical functions (e.g. IF, AND, OR, NOT) 
● data validation 
● relative and absolute cell referencing 
● boxes (e.g. lists, drop-down) 
● data entry forms 
● lookup tables 
● nested IF functions 
● cell protection 
● types of charts and graphs (e.g. bar, pie) 
● chart and graph formatting (e.g. titles, resizing, labels) 
● worksheets (e.g. headers, page breaks, links) 
● conditional formatting 
● named ranges, relative and absolute cell referencing 
● goal seek – what if function 
● macros.

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