Thursday 26 February 2015

Unit 6 - Finance P8 - Sales Forecast

Dear year 12 L2

By the end of Period one today you will submit P8 and it will include:

  • A front page
  • An introduction
  • A sales forecast (Price x Quantity) for two years by month starting from march 2015
  • Justification to support why this is achievable (How and why)
  • Conclusion

By the end of Period TWO today you will submit P7 and it will include:

  • A front page
  • An introduction
  • A printed copy of the FIXED asset worksheet indicating 
  • Where you will acquire these items from and
  • How much they will cost and how you will pay for them
  • Conclusion

Deadline date Thursday 26th February 2015

1 comment:

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