Monday 9 February 2015

Unit 3 promoting a brand - P1 and M1 task

Assignment One P1 and M1
P1 Investigating Brands
You have two businesses (Ben & Jerry and Mercedes) to investigate how they brand their products.  Use the following headings to help you with your investigation. 
  1. Explain what branding is and why it is used by businesses
  2. Business introduction (who are they, history)
  3. Image of their logo and pictures of their products
  4. What slogans or straplines does this business use and what do they mean?
  5. What is the overall image of the product? What does their advertising say about what they product is and will do for the customer?
  6. How does the business use differing products to target different consumer groups?
  7. Look at recent advertising campaigns for both businesses – have either of them used personalities to help promote their product? If so, who and why. 
M1 Compare the brand promotion in two businesses
1.        Complete the table below using the information you have discovered about both your businesses

Ben and Jerry’s







Added value

2.       For each of the categories above, write a paragraph about each comparing the similarities and differences between the two businesses. 

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