Tuesday 10 February 2015

P3- Produce a design for a spreadsheet

Hi Year 12

the spreadsheet design should have:

  • A worksheet structure diagram
  • how output data is to be presented
  • a test plan
Deadline for P3 is Wednesday 11th February 2015

For those that don't pass at level 2 a level one assessment will require you with guidance to:
  • produce a design for a spreadsheet 
  • include a worksheet structure diagram

Checklist: Designing a spreadsheet 

Designs include: 
  • intended purpose and user requirements 
  • design documentation that includes: 
  • worksheet structure diagram showing the proposed layout, calculations/processes (e.g. formulae and functions) and data input method (e.g. labeling and row and column use, forms, cell formatting, validation, conditional formatting) 
  • user input interface identifying appropriate tools/techniques. 
  • user output data (e.g. ideas for presentation showing format(s) and tools/techniques) 
  • onscreen user navigation and guidance (e.g. navigation prompts, input messages and validation (including lists)) 
  • test plan with test data to test functionality (e.g. test, expected result, actual result) 
  • a brief outline of alternative design ideas (e.g. choice of calculations and artistic style of the solution). 

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